Sunset over Cabo Frio (the Cold Cape), Brazil

Sunset over Cabo Frio (the Cold Cape), Brazil
where the warm north Altantic meets the cold south Atlantic. picture (c) phil marks 2009

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Urgency and Distance

Many people will be comfortable with a few days or weeks of emailing back and forth, learning about one another leading to a phone call.

That reminds me - during an introductory phone call to a lady, as we were speaking, I thought “her laugh is going to get on my nerves”. We went out for a while, but after a battle trying to organise one another and her decision to emigrate to Australia, our brief time together came to an end. Small things, I did get used to her laugh.

Back to my point – many people don’t want to waste time. Many ladies are naturally cautious, others are gung ho and after a brief chat may suggest an early meeting. The older you get, then the quicker time seems to pass, and you become more aware of the fragility of life.

It's a problem if you live a long way apart, and a paradox of online dating that it removes distance, unless of course you have set a maximum distance in your profile. I did once meet someone from overseas, and we flew back and forth a few times. I eventually moved home to be with her, but it just didn't work out. So, perhaps better to meet with people who are nearer (say 50-100 mls maximum)which gives greater flexibility.

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