Sunset over Cabo Frio (the Cold Cape), Brazil

Sunset over Cabo Frio (the Cold Cape), Brazil
where the warm north Altantic meets the cold south Atlantic. picture (c) phil marks 2009

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sailing with Soulmates

This blog is about finding a soulmate. I've had some experience in this area, and will be sharing my views on

- various types of singles sites (I'm leaving the more salacious sites off the menu as I've had no experience of that area)

- understanding the online dating profile - what's said and unsaid

- views about using skype in the process

- first dates and again, what's said and unsaid

I'm writing this primarily for people who are past the first flush of youth and maybe the first marriage on the right side of forty - that is of course older than 40 :-) and moving into the late 50's. OK, the children of the sixties...

A lot of what I will have to say will be general to everyone, but I will throw in items about sailors too, as that's a particular area of interest.

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